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These regulations specify the conditions under which apartments available via can be reserved.

Conditions of reservation

Apartments can be reserved by credit card or electronic bank transfer. Acceptable forms of payment are specified each time by apartment owners.
Each reservation is valid from the time of receipt of the reservation fee on the account of
The reservation fee is not returnable. In special cases may agree to a refund of the fee and a cancellation of the reservation. If the customer intends to cancel the reservation, he should contact immediately.

Customer's obligations

The owner is entitled to demand payment for the reservation in Polish zlotys. Payment in another currency is conditional on the owner's good will.
The check-in time lasts from 2 pm till 12 am. Unless the customer agrees otherwise with the owner, the customer should leave the apartment on the departure day by 12 am.
The number of guests arriving to the apartment cannot exceed the limit stated on the voucher, otherwise the apartment owner may refuse to give out keys. reserves the right to refuse to give out keys to persons being under the influence of alcohol or drugs or causing an immediate threat to other persons and property.
The customer is obliged to follow the rules of good neighbourhood and maintain the condition of the facility as at the time of his arrival. The ordinary wear of items that results from their normal use is not damage according to civil law. Washing of dishes and kitchen utensils is not included in the final cleaning service.
Any possible damages or missing items of apartment equipment should be reported to the owner immediately upon arrival. The customer should also report all damages caused by him during his stay in the apartment. The equivalent value of such damages is covered by the customer. The method of compensation is determined by the apartment owner.

Force majeure

In the case of any force majeure occurrences, the owner reserves the right to cancel the agreement or to propose substitute accommodation to the customer. This applies also to cases when, for reasons beyond the control of the owner, the personal safety of the customer or his property cannot be guaranteed. Amounts paid by the customer will become immediately refundable, with deduction of amounts due for services already provided.


If the description of an apartment is accompanied by the icon of a dog, this means that the customer is allowed to take a dog or a cat into such an apartment. Customers are obliged to compensate for all damages caused by animals.

Bills and VAT invoices

At the customers request, the apartment owner is obliged to issue a VAT invoice or a bill covering the entire rental cost incurred by the customer.

Last minute reservations

A last minute reservation is a reservation where the time of arrival falls within the next 5 days. Before starting the reservation process the customer is obliged to contact the apartment owner in order to confirm that making such a reservation is possible.

Ownership. Final provisions

All information, graphic elements, trademarks or trade names and logos available at are protected by copyright. The portal is not liable for the publication of any contents or graphic materials violating the law, good customs and third party rights by the apartment owners. is not liable for any outdated and false data concerning the facility that are provided to it by the apartment owner.

It is assumed that the customer read and accepted these regulations when making a reservation via